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May 2022

Convention Preview
AZAT Creative Arts Competition Intro
Photography Winner
by: Sara Dent
Photography Honorable Mention
by: Ashley Oddo
Photography Honorable Mention
by: Don Peters
Fiction Winner
by: Warren Luccitti
Nonfiction Winner
by: Gary Donahoe
Painting Winner
by: Jennifer Sheriff
Painting Honorable Mention
by: Casey Ball
Poetry Winner
by: Barbara Atwood
Poetry Honorable Mention
by: Connie Smyer
Poetry Honorable Mention
by: William J. Monahan
Poetry Honorable Mention
by: Tom Galbraith
Sculpture Winner
by: Alex Heveri
Sculpture Honorable Mention
by: Carol A. Soderquist
Music Winner
by: Leon Silver

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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Special Feature
Expert Witness Guide
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Expert Witness Guide - 2022

Editor's Letter
by: Tim Eigo, Editor
How To Turn Off Judges and Juries and Help Opposing Counsel
by: Don R. Bays
Newspapers, Ham Sandwiches, and Damages Experts: Tips for Surfacing (or Preventing) Expert Mistakes
by: Stanley P. Stephenson, Joshua R. Woodard & Audrey E. Chastain
What's It Worth? Estate of Michael J. Jackson v. Commissioner
by: Brian Foltyn
Medical Expert Witnesses: When Is It Time to Empty the Stable?
by: Burton Bentley II
Ransomware: Different Currency, Same Threat
by: Scott Greene & Jeff Martin
Special Section: 2022 Expert Witness Guide

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