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May 2010

Daniel J. McAuliffe, Former Bar President, Dies
by: Tim Eigo
Convention Preview
The Ties That Bind: Tortfeasors and Family-Provided Care
by: Veneranda J. Aguirre
Pick Your Poison: 2010 Creative Arts Competition Introduction
Fiction: Boat Night
by: Michele M. Feeney
Fiction: Quietus
by: Jill Zender
Nonfiction: Table for Five
by: Karen L. Hobbs
Nonfiction: Of Dogs, Drunks and Drama
by: Delia R. Neal
Humor: A Physical Education
by: Kyle J. Shelton
Poetry: The Pax De Deux Café (and others)
by: Ralph G. Smith
Poetry: Rooms (and others)
by: Peter Sorensen
Painting: Untitled
by: Mark C. Bockel
Photography: Iridescent Clams (and others)
by: Dave Selden
Photography: Eating With Locals (and others)
by: Aaron Goodman
Photography: Canyon de Chelly
by: Pamela Donison
Music: Middletown and The Road of Pride
by: Matthew Feeney
Music: Don't Hang Up and Same Place
by: Jeanette Woods

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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