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May 2019

Book Review: Mac's Consensus and Courtesy
by: Robert J. McWhirter (Reviewer)
A New Bar Leader: Joel England Names CEO/Executive Director
by: Tim Eigo
Convention Preview
AZAT Creative Arts Competition Intro
Photography Winner
by: James R. Todd
Photography Honorable Mention
by: Gary E. Donahoe
Photography Honorable Mention
by: Tom Galbraith
Fiction Winner: Homeplace
by: Michele M. Feeney
Fiction Honorable Mention: Dying in Court, Not Your Typical Monday
by: Bruce D. Brown
Painting Winner
by: Martin R. Galbut
Painting Honorable Mention
by: Leon Silver
Poetry Winner
by: Catherine Leisch
Poetry Honorable Mention
by: Tom Galbraith
Humor Winner: "Introverts Unite!"
by: Jacqueline Bouchard

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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Special Feature
Expert Witness Guide
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Expert Witness Guide - 2019

Editor's Letter
by: Tim Eigo, Editor
Consultant First, Expert Witness Second
by: Brad Taft
Experts Preparing Lawyers for Trial
by: Gary L. Hix
How Experts and Attorneys Can Connect
by: Scott Greene & John Leader
Brain Science, Visual Presentations and Demonstrative Exhibits
by: Kirk Hays & David Komm
Do I Need a Statistician or a Forensic Accountant?
by: Melissa Kovacs
Signature and Document Evidence in the Digital Age
by: Heidi H. Harralson & David J. Teel
Recent Developments in Digital Forensics
by: Craig Reinmuth
M&Ms and Business Valuation
by: Brian Foltyn
CPA Testifying Experts
by: Don R. Bays
5 Best Admissibility Practices
by: Courtney Beller & Jessica Iennarella
Financial Experts in Fraud Cases
by: Eric Lee
Retaining a Damages Expert
by: Stanley P. Stephenson
The Witness Speaks!
by: Daniel V. Sola & Shell Bleiweiss

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