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April 2024

Special Feature: Judges and Lawyers on Juries
Surprise for Jurors, Litigants
by: Hon. Mary M. Schroeder
Jury Service Yields Practices Tips
by: Megan Carrasco
Jurors Look to Judicial Colleague
by: Hon. Ann A. Scott Timmer
Reassured by Thoughtful Deliberation
by: Patricia Lee Refo
Innies and Outies: Commas, Periods and Quotation Marks
by: Diana J. Simon
Name, Image and Likeness Pay for Student Athletes
by: David McCarville
Book Review: Law and Certitude Reconsidered
by: George T. Anagnost, Reviewer

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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Special Feature
Expert Witness Guide
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Expert Witness Guide - 2024

Editor's Letter
by: Tim Eigo, Editor
Being a Credible Expert Witness
by: Brian Foltyn
Experts & the Evolution of AI Effectiveness
by: Jim Sill
Human Factors in Transportation Cases
by: Dr. Nancy Grugle
Increasing the Certainty of Damages in Construction Disputes
by: John Armstrong
Selecting the Right Biomechanical Expert
by: Dr. Jonathan S. Lee-Confer
Special Section: 2023 Expert Witness Guide

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