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March 2020

Transaction Privilege Tax in the Digital Age
by: Otto Shill, III
Book Review: So Others May Cross
by: Hon. George T. Anagnost, Reviewer
Special Feature: Cannabis Law, Intro
Letters from Marijuana Land
by: Gary Michael Smith
Banking Trends for Cannabis-Related Businesses
by: Paula Durham
Understanding the CBD Legal Landscape
by: Alex Karam
Trademarks in Cannabis Law
by: Laura A. Bianchi, Jessica M. Hale and Clark Wu

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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Special Feature
Expert Witness Guide
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Expert Witness Guide - 2020

Editor's Letter
by: Tim Eigo, Editor
Confer With a Consultant ASAP
by: Dr. Art Eckstat
An Introduction to Misleading Charts: When Good Data Is Plotted Badly
by: Brian Foltyn
Defining Scope Limitations Imposed On Experts
by: Josephine Giordano & Beth Jo Zeitzer
Keeping Your Damages Claims On-Track
by: Scott Evans
What Is Your Earnings Capacity?
by: Stan V. Smith, Ph.D. with Kyle Lauterhahn
How Foreseeable Was It?
by: Andrew P. Sutor
Special Section: 2020 Expert Witness Guide

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