Charge Against a Lawyer

This form is used to report a problem you may be having with a lawyer. Please read all of the information via the links below before filing a charge with the State Bar.

Information About Disputes With Lawyers
Client Rights and Responsibilities
How the Lawyer Discipline Process Works

If you have not already done so, please call 602.340.7280, to talk to someone with the State Bar of Arizona Intake Department, prior to completing this form.

, I have spoken with someone in the State Bar Intake Department and I have read the materials indicated via the links above.

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1. Did or does this lawyer represent you?
2. Do you currently have a lawyer other than the one named in this charge?
3. Is your charge about conduct in a lawsuit?
4. Is the lawyer in possesion of money or other property (for example, your original documents or client file) that you believe should be returned to you?
5. What type of legal work was/is involved? (Check all that apply)

6. What is the general nature of your charge against the lawyer? (Check all that apply)

7. State your charge in your own words. Please follow the instructions contained in “Information about Filing a Charge Against a Lawyer”. Include all important dates, times, places, and details so that the specific nature of your charge can be understood.
Use as much space as necessary. It is not necessary to be brief.
Email additional documentation to

I understand that most written charges against lawyers eventually become a public record. I understand that all information on this form, including my name and address, will be available for review by the lawyer and others who may view the file. This charge form and other submissions by me will be sent to the lawyer.

Date Submitted:  May 30, 2020
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