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May 2017

Convention Preview
Special Feature: A Juvenile Justice Anniversary Intro
"In Re Gault" and Collateral Consequences
by: Peter J. Cahill and Sarah Edwards
Realizing "Gault's" Promise of Due Process
by: Hon. Jay D. Blitzman
SPECIAL FEATURE: AZAT Creative Arts Competition Intro
Photography Winner
by: Ronald S. Harris
Photography Honorable Mention
by: Don Peters
Painting Winner
by: Debra Hillary
Painting Honorable Mention
by: Leon Silver
Painting Honorable Mention
by: Mark Bockel
Poetry Winner
by: Robert Yen
Poetry Honorable Mention
by: Peter Sorensen
Humor Winner
by: Sheena Chiang
Sculpture Winner
by: Jon Saline
Sculpture Honorable Mention
by: Wendi Sorensen
Music Winner
by: Kathryn Mahady
Fiction Winner
by: Gabriel Fernández
Fiction Honorable Mention
by: Michele M. Feeney

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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Special Feature
Expert Witness Guide
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Expert Witness Guide - 2017

From the Editor
by: Tim Eigo, Editor
Dollars and Sense: Working Effectively With Financial Experts
by: Melissa Iyer Julian
Top 10 Reasons You Should Pay Your Expert Witnesses
by: Scott Greene
Lawyers Who Act As Expert Witnesses: Ethical Best Practices
by: Lisa M. Panahi and Ann Ching
10 Things They Don't Teach You in Law School About Working With Expert Witnesses
by: Aaron T. Lloyd
The New Advantage of the Expert Witness Appraiser
by: Cameron J. Palmer
When Hired Guns Misfire: An Expert Witness Guide to Liabilities, Privileges and Immunities
by: David D. Dodge

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