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May 2016

Book Review: Of Courtiers and Kings
by: Hon. George T. Anagnost (Reviewed by)
Recent Arizona Mining Scams
by: W. Scott Donaldson
Convention Preview
AZAT Creative Arts Competition Intro
Photography Winner
by: Julie Pace
Photography Honorable Mention
by: Keith R. Lyman
Fiction Winner: Intersection
by: Mark Meltzer
Fiction Honorable Mention: There Are Those of Us Who Stay, and Those of Us Who Move On
by: Joel Sannes
Painting Winner
by: Martin Galbut
Painting Honorable Mention
by: Dair Deckert
Poetry Winner
by: William J. Monahan
Poetry Honorable Mention
by: Gabriel Fernández
Nonfiction Winner
by: Bruce D. Brown
Scultpture Winner
by: Jon Saline
Music Winner
by: Matt Feeney and Larry Winthrop

Arizona Verdicts
by: West’s Jury Verdicts - Arizona Reports

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Special Feature
Expert Witness Guide
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Expert Witness Guide - 2016

Welcome to Our Special Issue
by: Tim Eigo, Editor
From the Mouths of Jurors: 10 Things Jurors Don’t Like About Expert Witnesses
by: Jan Mills Spaeth & Rosalind Greene
Dear Dr. Ethics: I’ve got this stomach ache about expert witnesses...
by: Patricia A. Sallen
Seven Reasons to Call Your Expert Early in the Case
by: Melissa Kovacs & Regan Butcher
Experts 2.0: Using Technology to Put Your Expert Witnesses in the Spotlight
by: Mark Lamber & James Goodnow
Bringing Scientific Peer Review to Scientific
by: David L. Faigman
Ethical Pitfalls for Expert Witnesses and the Lawyers Who Retain Them
by: David D. Dodge

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